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smoke kiss-31
Jaja is the new blonde sensation, and she is one sexy smoke machine, she is teamed up with Julie from some nice kissing and smoking!!
Length: 4:51 Size:81Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-32
Sarah and bibi are real life friends, and they both love to smoke and they both love the kiss other girls, so there a great match's;)
Length: 4:59 Size:83Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-33
Jaja and Sarah are simply made be to with each other, seriously they smoke and kiss like they where going out for 2+ years, pure smoking and kissing fantasy, and the grills wanted to call it the spider girl kiss;)
Length: 6:17 Size:105Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-34
all star bibi is kissing and smoking with steph, both girls love to smoke and loves to kiss mix that toghter and you have a good smoke kiss clip ;)
Length: 5:39 Size:94Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-35
It was Caro first time experience with kissing and smoking at the same, she teamed up with smoke kiss experience bianca, the end result is a VERY nice result there was no pressure it was just plain normal for the girls to do that, like is good;)
Length: 5:17 Size:88Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-36
Tati and Nath came back and told us that they started to kiss at the local bar, after the last clip they did:) so there getting more confortable with smoking and kissing, and there room mate IRL, only time will tell;)
Length: 5:05 Size:85Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-37
Blonde Duet Angy and Sarah are smoking, blowing bubble gum and kissing, the trio of action, is just plain sensual and awesome looking:)
Length: 5:48 Size:97Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-38
Sara and Jaja part-1
These girls are smoky hot, in this clip they are chewing bubblegum and smoking a good cigarette and sharing all they got nice smoke kiss action!!

Length: 8:14 Size:137Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-39
Sara and Jaja part-2
the smoke kissing fiesta continues in the Jacuzzi, this is pure smoke kissing at its best, this girls where made to smoke and kiss!!
Length: 5:26 Size:91Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-40
Sara and Jaja part-3
Both girls are very dominant, but when it comes to smoking and kissing i think that JaJa is controlling the show!!
Length: 4:39 Size:77Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-41
Barby and her real life friend, she works and live with this girl, and yes she share everything too;), that incudes smoking and kissing, sorry guys, this duet are pure girls smoke lover!!
Length: 3:57 Size:66Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-42
Sarah and cleo meets each other at school, and lets just say that since them, they are VERY best friend, so the smoking queens can kiss and smoke all that made in a wonderland smoke kiss delight!!
Length: 4:33 Size:76Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-43
Smoke kiss BomB duet Sarah and cleo are back for some more real nice smoke kiss action!!
Length: 4:33 Size:76Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-44
Ina and bibi are back for more smoking and kissing action, this is a perfect pair, they are always kissing when they go out, or simply chilling at home, sensual kissing for pro smokers!!
Length: 4:21 Size:72Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-45
Yes Sarah got a new friend that she has introduce to smoke and kissing at the same time, lets just say that this blondy was a naturel smoke kisser ;) very smoky and both are VERY sensual too!!
Length: 6:22 Size:106Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-46
Trashy looking duets, and VERY sexy smoking and sensual smoking, this was a GREAT Smoke kiss surprise!
Length: 4:13 Size:70Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-47
Rouky and her real life friend NEVER ever kiss before, so in this clips, then are enjoying a good cigarette and they are smoke swapping ad getting close to kiss but don't ;)
Length: 4:07 Size:69Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-48
part-2 of Ina and bibi smoke kiss oblivion, these are your best smoke kisser, and they know it ;)
Length: 4:31 Size:75Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-49
It was the first time for Smoking and kissing for tiny, and cleo volunteer to show her, and to our big surprise she is one hell of a good kisser, and loved to smoking experience;)
Length: 4:09 Size:69Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-50
Traylor trash duet Naomy and her friend are really live in a camper all year long...but OMG can they smoke and kiss the perfect duet!!
Length: 4:26 Size:74Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-51
Tati and Nath the shy smoke kissing duet are back for more, there getting pretty good together, you can feel the smooth kissing when there lips are touching and the smoke exchange!
Length: 5:43 Size:95Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-52
Very Sensual and awesome smoke kissing team, Sarah and bianka, and smoking up and a storm and sensually kissing at the same time!!
Length: 5:25 Size:90Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-53
Nicole and Mia are real life sister in law, and yes they LOVE to smoke and kiss each other!! very Nice too;)
Length: 4:26 Size:74Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-54
this duet are really life friend and it shows just the way there smoking and kissing, its good to see a friendly smoke kissing duet!
Length: 4:07 Size:69Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss--55
keasha the mulatis and Air the blonde are real life friends they work toghter they live toghter and now they smoke and kiss toghter;) they are VERY sensual Smokey duet!
Length: 4:17 Size:71Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-56
Jade and Veeka are smoke kissing and are feeling pretty damm sensual!!
Length: 4:28 Size:75Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-57
Bibi and Sun-shine are not kissing but are real close there smoke exchanging ( swapping) and its pretty erotic too!
Length: 4:19 Size:72Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-58
smoke kissing extrravengenza the ultimate duet is back, JaJa and Sarah are doing what they do best!!!
witch is kissing and smoking!!

Length: 4:25 Size:74Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss--60
Monnie and caro, best friend kissing and smoking, its pretty hot and the girls know how to smoke and kiss;)
Length: 4:24 Size:73Mb Price: $5

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