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force clip-450
Ticha shows no mercy for her stupid dummy, she
puts the smoke cube over is loser head
and she use a tool she love, the shot-gun tube
right in the box, she shot-gunned 2 cigarette in a row
lets just say that there was no more place for
oxygen, the only thing in the cube was ticha's
creamy smoke!

Length: 3:41 Size:88Mb Price: $5

force clip-451
Sarah's mom is taking a nap.....we moved
 the light into the living room, and Sarah
went to work ;)
she is smoking her mom up even she
 is sleeping!!

Length: 4:49 Size:115Mb Price: $5

force clip-452
Anny and Caro are smoke cubing a new girl
poor girl add no idea she was going into a
smoke cube till we told her it was her turn to be
smoked up!!

Length: 4:24 Size:105Mb Price: $5

force clip-453
This is just plain EVIL....Sun-shine got the smoke slave where she wants him, down on the floor and a good tube plugged right into is mouth, so the smoke has no escape but to go where sun-shine wants it to go....she plugged up is nose too to make sure ;), she focus each drag she takes but blow 2-3 time before she gives him a chance to breath, this also means that she is pushing her dreamy smoke right in the bottom of is lungs, and laugh about it,,,she has no mercy for him!
Length: 5:52 Size:140Mb Price: $5

force clip-454
Caro is getting totally owned in this clip, she add no idea of ticha's plan ;) Caro is making to cigarette at the same time and goes for a deep inhale.....but here is the twist each time its time for her deep inhaling ticha is blowing all her deadly smoke right into her mouth so lets just say that poor Caro is forced to take triple drag vacuum ;)  you can see the face of caro has she cant take it anymore...while ticha is laughing her ass off!
Length: 5:23 Size:129Mb Price: $5

force clip-455
Nurses Annie and ticha are on there smoke break,  so they go to see a VERY sick patient that is sleeping so its ok for them to smoke around him ;) They blow all there smoke right at him, and when ever he starts to wake up the girls force him back to sleep with there asthma pump then they keep on puffing is life away!
Length: 5:33 Size:133Mb Price: $5

force clip-456
Trio of Girls force smoking cubing a poor girl, the girls where on party mode and kinda of drunk, so they don't really give a dam that there smoke slave is running out of oxygen!!
Length: 4:25 Size:106Mb Price: $5

force clip-457
smoke Bomb Amy and Bii are both in total control over there smoke slave, they Plug him up real good right in is nose so no smoke could escape, then even made sure he understand is place with a big FAT L right in is forehead for him to remember that he is a loser, both girls are smoking and showing no remorse simply blowing all there smoke right into is body full force, and yes there having fun ;)
Length: 5:02 Size:120Mb Price: $5

force clip-458
Evil ticha is really sporting her name, she has no mercy for the smoke dummy, she smokes 2 cigarette at the same time, making sure he gets all, once in a while she blows a big fat exhales right at you, to show you what's she is giving him by force, she use him has her personal human ashtray too, its scary how she does it all its second nature for her!
Length: 4:54 Size:117Mb Price: $5

force clip-459
Sarah is loving this, she is sitting on the dummy and watching a movie on T.V she is blowing all her dreamy smoke right at the dummy, and use him has her personal human ashtray!!
Length: 4:28 Size:107Mb Price: $5

force clip-460
Barby is in a bad situation, she is between biianka and biker chick, and plz take notice Barby is a none smoker IRL, so yeah has a none smoker she is suppose to hate cigarette smoke, she was running to get each of there exhales in her mouth and inhale, the girls where having fun, controlling her head with each of there deadly exhales hitting her mouth!
Length: 4:06 Size:98Mb Price: $5

force clip-461
some girls are born to smoke and some other are born to be force to inhales second hand smoke;) Ticha and bibi are real life PRO-Force-smoker, the poor girl was in the smoke cube with these 2 girl, she was choking good, and that don't stop the girls from pumping mass amount of smoke right in there for her to inhale!!
Length: 3:26 Size:82Mb Price: $5

force clip-462
Smoke BomB Amy always get what she want, and in this clip she decided to stop the car at the local mall, install cancer boy the way she see fit to force him to inhale all her smoke, she plugs up is nose with a pincher to make sure no smoke escape;) she hold is head down to make sure he stays there all the way until her cigarette is done!
Length: 3:39 Size:87Mb Price: $5

force clip-463
Poor Caro was force to inhale Sarah's cigar exhales, You can see her struggle good, it was a VERY strong cigar, and Sarah made her possible the smoke her up good!
Length: 4:34 Size:109Mb Price: $5

force clip-464
WoW Smoke bomb Amy went into the smoke cube,
all the girls where VERY happy to put such a beauty in a smoking distress!!  4 girls pumping heavy amount of smoke right in the smoke cube for Amy to inhale all off there deadly fumes!!

Length: 5:43 Size:137Mb Price: $5

force clip-465
Force smoking in its purest form, the girls are crazy and the dummy is simply totally under there smoky control, Ticha, Sarah and Caro, got him pinned on the bench, he CANT do anything else but to take what ever the girls are giving to him....and there is no fresh air ;)  the girls are pumping mass amount of smoke right in him, like there is no limit, they ALL finish there cigarette down to the filter  and was VERY strong and the girls add a lot of fun!
Length: 7:37 Size:182Mb Price: $6

force clip-466
Chealsea brand 2 new friend, her and Indy where the force smoker, and the girls that is stuck in the smoke cube is a freshly turned 18 years old girl, that is a kind of girl that is always at the gym, she is a body this case  she was a smoke cuber LOLOL
Length: 4:37 Size:110Mb Price: $5

force clip-467
Mom and daughter, Caro's mom is pure evil when it comes to smoking;) in this clip she force poor little daughter Caro to smoke she force her to take drags after drags none stop, all the while she is laughing at her daughter!!
Length: 3:35 Size:85Mb Price: $5

force clip-468
Mom and daughter, Caro's mom is pure evil when it comes to smoking;) in this clip Mom goes all out and make sure her daughter gets totally forced to smoke, she plug a tube in her mouth and blow all her exhales in her daughters mouth and lungs!!
Length: 4:38 Size:111Mb Price: $5

force clip-469
Smoke slave is at the mercy of Sun-shine and Amy both, girls are enjoying a good pipe, they have the dummy stuck in the torture table that only thing he can do is take what ever the girls are giving him ;) and that's lots of smoke pipe!
Length: 4:35 Size:109Mb Price: $5

force clip-470
The evil smokers are not finish with the dummy, they keep him there after smoking up is world, but they want to intoxicate him even more, and what better way then the smoke box, the pipe can produce a lot of thick smoke and the girls loves that's;)
Length: 5:28 Size:130Mb Price: $5

force clip-471
part-1 Trio of evil smoking females, got cancer boy saran wrap and et there total mercy, they are smoke intoxicating him to the max blowing all there deadly exhales right in is face and he is forced to swallow all there cigarette ash, he is now under there smoky control!
Length: 4:23 Size:105Mb Price: $5

force clip-472
part-2 Trio of evil smoking females the evil smokers wanted to push him to the max so they plug him up good, leaving no there choice but to inhale what ever the girls are forcing him too;), and that's a lot of creamy smoke. lets just say that in the end he was totally smoked out!
Length: 4:58 Size:119Mb Price: $5

force clip-473
Sun-shine has no mercy when it come to force smoked someone, and in this case she is controlling  the total of what's happening, she use and abuse the smoke slave for her pleasure, she force him to smoke a complete cigarette by is nose, she feeds him drag after drag and even when it comes to strong she keeps on going over and over her pleasure comes from is suffering!
Length: 5:08 Size:123Mb Price: $5

force clip-474
Its Ticha's turn, and god know this girl is just plain evil when it comes to force smoking someone, she has no pity for the weak, and yes she forces him to take drags after drag via is nose she don't care its deadly and strong, she wants to see it so she force him into it!
Length: 5:01 Size:119Mb Price: $5

force clip-475
It was bound to happen ;)  Sun-shine finally got a taste of the smoke cube!!!,Amy and ticha smoked abused poor little sun-shine and they where happy that it was her turn to get smoke intoxicated!!
Length: 3:56 Size:94Mb Price: $5

force clip-476
Verotix and Bibi are both VERY powerfully pro smoker and when it comes to smoke torture the dummy in the cube they are having fun and it makes them happy, the poor guy was there breathing all there creamy smoke, but even when they finish they left him in there for a little while to enjoy there smoky perfume!!
Length: 3:10 Size:75Mb Price: $5

force clip-477
Cancer boy is sitting on the floor right in the middle of 3 EVIL smokers, the girl have set him up real good, taped a tube into is mouth....there smoke has no other way then deep into is long gone lungs, they each go there turn until the all finish there cigarette, it is a pretty intense force smoking session!
Length: 4:46 Size:114Mb Price: $5

force clip-478
This is what happened when you take Angy, bibi anny and ticha and give them a smoke victim to play with they tied her up good and out on the head the smoke cube....4 very experience girls in force smoking , the poor girl that was in the smoke cube could not endure all of there deadly smoke, she add no choice to go all the way!!
Length: 3:57 Size:94Mb Price: $5

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