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cigar clip-231
Sun-shine she is feeling really elegant and she loves her cigar in this clip A must for any cigar fan ;)
Length: 7:48 Size:130Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-232
Milf ticha in the cigar clip she is a total bratz doll (the look) she has the look and style Ticha has come a long way in the smoking styles
Length: 8:01 Size:133Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-233
Poor Sophie is sitting right in the smoke trap ;) Surrounded by ticha and sun-shine the 3 girls are sharing 1 cigar but when its ticha or Sun-shine turn, there only point is too blow all there smoke right at her!! she is the victim!
Length: 11:32 Size:192Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-234
Sarah this was her first cigar clip, and let me tell you that she handles her cigar just perfectly:) I love her style More of her coming in the future !!
Length: 7:56 Size:132Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-235
Bianca this is a incredible girl IRL She has it all Style a BIG fucking Rack and attitude she loves to smoke the cigar too film side and front views for your pleasure!!
Length: 7:29 Size:125Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-236
This girl came to the studio saying to us that she did smoked Cigar in local bars ETC, so we gave her a shot, she was perfect, she was film 4 min in your face and 4 min side view nice clip all around, she comes From chat-town Traylor park!!
Length: 7:14 Size:120Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-237
Marie, this girl is a really BIG smoker IRL and is pure trailor trash up here in Montreal, she puffs and puffs and inhale She add a serious nic buzz once this was finish ;) VERY nice cigar clip!!
Length: 6:09 Size:102Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-238
Nath she is a real pleasure to work with and loves her cigar in this clip she gives you some cigar smoke candy right in the face!!!
Length: 8:01 Size:134Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-239
Featuring Angy this girl has come a long way with her cigar skills She huff and puff on her cigar side front and side views, nice mix and awesome smoker!!
Length: 7:54 Size:131Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-240
Sarah a stunning blondy, that just crave smoking she enjoy her big cigar great smoker and she is pure eye candy!!
Length: 7:33 Size:126Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-241
Featuring Milf Ticha, and OMFG is she a cute Milf!! She really enjoy her cigar and the smoke it produce and it shows!!
Length: 7:43 Size:128Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-242
Featuring Sun-shine she dangles, huff puff and inhale her cigar its just like she was born with a cigar in her mouth!!! Nice angles too;)
Length: 8:00 Size:133Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-243
Featuring Angy she has mastered the cigar and the smoke that comes with it This was shoot from side view and in your face, dangling all the way!!
Length: 7:43 Size:129Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-244
Featuring Sarah this girl love her cigar, she love to smoke but she told us that the cigar gives her a kind of rush that normal cigarettes don't so yeah she has style and beauty to boot!! In your face cigar smoking
Length: 7:22 Size:123Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-245

Prisiclia is back after 4 years break;)she is still a Really stunning blonde that loves smoking, and handle her cigar real good, this was done in the car with all windows rolled up:)

Length: 6:31 Size:108Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-246

Sisi is a real serious girl on film but she does smoke with a passion her clip was split in 2 part one is in your face the other is on her back dangling the BIG cigar!!

Length: 7:13 Size:120Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-247

Featuring cigar sensation Sarah, smoking a good cigar and chilling in her home on her comp, she just love to smoke her cigar and produce lots of smoke!!

Length: 8:18 Size:138Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-248

Featuring Jade and Nina, it was there first time with cigar smoking And OMG it was perfect the girls felt right at homehuffing,puffing and inhaling, there sharing a cigar in this clip;)

Length: 7:26 Size:124Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-249

Jade and her friends are sharing a cigar with a little bit of music VERY nice girl and smoking!!

Length: 7:13 Size:120Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-250

Veeka is back after a long break;) she gets 2 segment in this pure cigar clip one is side view the other is in your face action!!

Length: 7:51 Size:131Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-251

Godly Sarah is going all out with her cat lady suit Smoking her cigar and playing with your brain;)

Length: 7:03 Size:117Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-252

 It was Cleo very first cigar, and sarah gave him a small class before the shoot;) Sarah is now smoking cigar often in her house and at clubs Cleo is a real smoke machine she produce lots of thick smoke!!

Length: 7:51 Size:131Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-253
Cigar sisters Angy and Bibi are sharing a good cigar  these girls are real smoke Bombs!!
Length: 7:24 Size:123Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-254
Smoky Sarah is in her car, enjoying a good cigar with all the windows rolled up no place for air;) she is looking down on you and she is smoking up the car real good!!
Length: 6:43 Size:112Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-255
A friendly cigar smoking duet, Pricilia and her friend are listening to music and are feeling in a party mode a little dancing, nice cigar action!!
Length: 7:23 Size:123Mb Price: $8

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