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cigar clip-151
cindy is smoking a BIG cigar in your face, and yeah she has a Godly smoking style too
Length: 8:09 Size:175Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-152
Ellie is in the hut-tub enjoying her first BIG cigar, it was very hot in there, the hot-tub at 100Degress plus the studio light... Yeah it was VERY hot, she manage to do a good job!!! for her very first cigar shoot!!
Length: 8:27 Size:188Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-153
Sun-shine is just plain Enjoying her cigar she is very experimented And loves her cigar!!!
Length: 8:21 Size:186Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-154
Tania is what you call a dream come true, she has the beauty + the smoking skills that are just plain perfection!!! side view for max residual cigar smoke!!!
Length: 8:08 Size:181Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-155
OMG plz Welcome Choi, she is Born to smoke cigars And it shows, she has it all, smoking Style/attitude/guts/looks Seriously she is on part with Tanya, she is a must for any cigar smoking fan!!!
Length: 8:19 Size:185Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-156
Chanelle smoked her cigar, but it was hard, lets just say that she dangled it and smoked it, but did not like it at all.... It was hard on her lungs, and her lungs got pwned by the rich cigar smoke!!!
Length: 8:32 Size:190Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-157
Choi is a dream come true for any cigar lover, she is a beauty to watch and have lots of smoking skills In this clip she smoke her cigar, and blows the smoke in a cone All around a good cigar clip!!
Length: 9:12 Size:205Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-158
Nice looking Brunette, first time cigar smoker, inhaled like it was a cigarette;) Front and side views
Length: 8:51 Size:180Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-159
This is a REAL GEM, featuring Awesome smoker Tanya This girl is the definition of sexy cigar smoking;) And she is smoking the big one too!!!
Length: 9:08 Size:204Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-160
Featuring Sun-shine and her mom, finally! Sun-shine is encouraging her mom to smoke and inhale all the thick rich cigar smoke And the end result is just plain GODLY I was not expecting anything really, but omfg this lady smoked the cigar like a normal cigarette power smoked!!!! PS: Sun-shine add a REAL blast pushing her mom to smoke even more;)
Length: 8:08 Size:181Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-161
Featuring Pro cigar smoker Choi, and omg those she have a show for you, dress has a playboy bunny, she feels right at home with her cigar, yet another must have cigar clip
Length: 9:55 Size:219Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-162
Jess is huffing and puffing on her cigar, nice dangling too And godly lighting!!! Side view
Length: 7:56 Size:176Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-163
Sexy Tanya is smoking a good cigar in her sexy outfit this girls has style!!! And awesome smoking skills
Length: 8:28 Size:188Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-164
Veeka smoking a cigar side way and she is Nose exhaling all the way Now you can say that she add the cigar smell in her nose for a good 2-3 days LOL
Length: 8:11 Size:181Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-165
Freshly turn 18 Vero was at her first experience smoking the cigar she did not loved it at first, but in time she will LEARN to love it All in all its a fair cigar clip ;)
Length: 8:27 Size:189Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-166
Tatiana went true her cigar dangling and nose exhaling like a train!!! She told me that she could still smell the cigar smoke in her nose for at least a good 3-4 days ;)
Length: 8:00 Size:170Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-167
once in a while a SPECIAL girl comes a round...well she's here!!! Lyly is a naturel smoker, and her cigar performance for a first timer was plain incredible A must!!
Length: 7:52 Size:174Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-168
Sun-shine is teaching her real life friend how to smoke cigars And she is showing off her smoking skills, she also add fun with her!!!
Length: 9:30 Size:212Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-169
Rina is smoking her very first cigar and she is dangling it and nose exhaling all the way she asked me 2 days later, if the smell of cigar will EVER go away from her nostril LOL
Length: 8:04 Size:171Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-170
This is the second time around for young vero smoking the cigar lets just say that HE (cigar) is become a good friend of hers ;)
Length: 8:23 Size:184Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-171
Back by popular Demand Jess is back for another cigar Lets just say that she is getting used to smoke cigar now!
Length: 7:57 Size:175Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-172
Choi is Back and this time around she is sporting a Gangster suit, playing the game and smoking her cigar If you never got to see choi smoking a cigar then PLZ do yourself a favor Choi is the reason why cigar where invented!!!
Length: 8:28 Size:184Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-173
This was Karine first cigar, she add a great experience and she dangled it all the way, huffing puffing inhaling!!!!
Length: 7:55 Size:132Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-174
Sophie is back smoking a cigar side ways so no wish of smoke is missed!! Dangling it like it was part of her!!
Length: 8:26 Size:140Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-175
Sun-shine is back with a cigar scene, she is a VERY experience and talented smoker She does handles her cigar Very nicely, lots of Creamy thick exhales in your face!
Length: 8:19 Size:138Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-176
Tanya has a VERY smooth open mouth inhales coming like a dream, BUT in this cigar clip she add LOTS of problems the cigar was STRONGER then her and she got her ass kick by the cigar you can clearly see that when she inhales its VERY strong and she struggle true the total of the 8min Don't get my wrong here, its a VERY nice cigar clip, but the cigar was stronger then her!!!
Length: 8:00 Size:133Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-177
Naoumy smoking a cigar in sunny Montreal, the lighting was good and she was smoking her cigar and its was strong!!!
Length: 7:45 Size:129Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-178
Chelsea freshly turn 18 and is the little sister of Choi it was her first experience smoking cigar and it was a present one too!!!
Length: 7:56 Size:132Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-179
Cinthia enjoying her cigar this girl was born with a cigar in her mouth, her smoking style and attitude is just plain good!!
Length: 8:16 Size:137Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-180
Carole is a 36 years old smoker, but she never did try the cigar before, it was her first time And she was awesome Dangling huffing/puffing and inhaling all that tick pure smoke
Length: 8:00 Size:133Mb Price: $8

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