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cigar clip-389
This is the biggest cigar ever, Ticha is the
only girl that can smoke it properly!
and what's a job she did, it was like second nature
to smoke the Big Black stick!! ;)

Length: 12:17 Size:294Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-390
Plz welcome bomb Shell Betty, she has it all
the look ,attitude and the big rack!!
She is enjoying a good cigar, and she
is enjoying it, you will get lost in her

Length: 4:33 Size:108Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-391
It was mona's very first cigar!! she is a naturel
nose exhaler, so she asked us if she could
nose exhales with her first cigar!!!
off you go little dragon!

Length: 4:24 Size:105Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-392
Sexy and very smoky Verotix just love to smoke a good cigar and it shoes!! this girl is a real smoky gem and handle her cigar like it was meant to be!
Length: 4:36 Size:110Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-393
Annie and bibi are sharing a fat cigar!! the twist here is that they both are playing with there cigar smoke face blowing each other to oblivion!!
Length: 6:01 Size:144Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-394
Mel is a big smoker IRL, and since we made her try a cigar, she loves them, in this clip she handle her big cigar with class, dangling like it was normal, and all her exhales are pushed toward you!
Length: 4:25 Size:106mb Price: $5

cigar clip-395
Candid Style, Sophie and Sun-shine just arrive from out side, once they get in the house, the smoke a good cigar and talk about there day, since its there naturel habit, to smoke a good cigar and talk about there day, the attitude and smoking style is off pair and Great to see!
Length: 6:16 Size:150Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-396
Angel face Bianca is back!!!
she feels so relax and at her ease, its like the cigar was meant for her!!!

Length: 4:14 Size:101Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-397
Dania, is enjoying her cigar in the studio she feels totally at ease with this big cigar!!! We already know that this girl is a smoking power house!!!
Length: 5:13 Size:125Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-398
Just Wow, Caro has come such a long way when it comes to smoking cigar....this is by far one of the good cigar video we are offering, this girl is a human cigar smoking machine, her style the way she pumps and inhales all that rich strong cigar smoke is just plain good!!~~~~not to be miss!
Length: 4:50 Size:115mb Price: $5

cigar clip-399
plz welcome Sophia, she is Amy's older sister, it was her very first time smoking a cigar and its pretty good for a first timer, she is a REALLY BIG smoker IRL so smoking a cigar for her was ez ;)
Length: 4:22 Size:104mb Price: $5

cigar clip-400
Betty is a very young cigar smoker, she told us that she really enjoy smoking a good cigar!!, she huff and puff and inhales, witch is followed by a very nice exhales coming right at you!
Length: 4:06 Size:98mb Price: $5

cigar clip-401
Cigar Bomb Angy is just simply a delight she control the cigar smoke in her mouth like it was part of herself!! watching her enjoying a cigar is just plain cigar bliss!
Length: 4:35 Size:110mb Price: $5

cigar clip-402
Milf Sophie is a pure smoking milf bomB this girls enjoy smoking since her tender years smoking and enjoying her cigar is showing you all that!
Length: 4:19 Size:103mb Price: $5

cigar clip-403
Mel is sucking on this big fat cigar for her and your pleasure, she enjoys it too, she told us that she likes anything that is deep!
Length: 4:11 Size:100mb Price: $5

cigar clip-404
Caro is back for more cigar action, this is has become a cigar sensation, she smokes like perfectly everyone was looking at her and was in wow with her cigar skillz!
Length: 4:26 Size:106mb Price: $5

cigar clip-405
Smoky Betty feels pretty at ease smoking her big fat cigar, she handles it with class and she do produce a huge amount of cigar smoke!
Length: 4:01 Size:96mb Price: $5

cigar clip-406
Smoke master Ticha is in total control of her cigar, she loves to smokes them, and now she has mastered the art of cigar smoking, she felt pretty sexy smoking it too!
Length: 7:56 Size:190mb Price: $5

cigar clip-407
Plz New smoking sensation Ivana, this girl is the total package;) she handle her very first cigar with ease, and she is a VERY Smokey girl!!
Length: 4:08 Size:99mb Price: $5

cigar clip-408
very petite betty is back for some more cigar action! she love to smoke in general, and cigar don't bother here at all, she told us that her dad use to smoke is cigar every night when she was younger!!!
Length: 4:19 Size:103mb Price: $5

cigar clip-409
Busty Pat, is smoking and dangling her cigar for you, she is not used to smoke cigar and this one was strong, she was struggling a little bit ;)
Length: 4:29 Size:107mb Price: $5

cigar clip-410
Smoky Mel, is back by popular demand! She love to smoke and she started pretty young too;) she enjoys her cigar huffing and puffing on this big cigar then exhaling her strong cigar smoke, she has a nice all around smoking attitude!
Length: 4:14 Size:100mb Price: $5

cigar clip-411
Ivana, is such a beauty to watch, and when she smokes its just plain heaven!! She is a VERY smoky girl, she can huff and puff that cigar like crazy, and then she inhales all that strong thick cigar smoke into her lungs, followed by a nice exhale!
Length: 4:12 Size:100mb Price: $5

cigar clip-412
Betty is back by popular demand this girl is such a pleasure to watch smoking her bog cigar and feeling at her ease!
Length: 4:16 Size:101mb Price: $5

cigar clip-413
Angel face Bianka, is feeling pretty good with her big cigar, she is dangling it like a real pro, she enjoys it too, she told us that she likes that bad girl aspect of it!
Length: 4:16 Size:102mb Price: $5

cigar clip-414
Caro is become a pro cigar teacher!!1, she is teaching her mom and her aunt, how to smoke a good cigar in a fashion way!
Length: 6:18 Size:150mb Price: $5

cigar clip-415
Chanelle is enjoying her fat cigar outside on a cold winter night, but the lighting is pretty good!
Length: 4:18 Size:102mb Price: $5

cigar clip-416
Betty is now a pro cigar smoker, she even smoked them in her house now!!!! she is dangling it huffing and puffing with the cigar on the side of her mouth!! what else could we ask for;)
Length: 4:36 Size:110mb Price: $5

cigar clip-417
sexy Ivana is huffin and puffing her cigar, she told us that it was REALLY REALLY smoky and the smell of good cigar smoke was everywhere in her house!
Length: 4:42 Size:112mb Price: $5

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