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cigar clip-306
mini and her cigar, let me tell you that
 this girl evolved so fast has a cigar smoker
 that I just love to watch her smoke
 it they way she does;)

Length: 8:37 Size:143Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-307
Ticha BIG huge cigar named :: one of 5
she is dangling this monster like she did
 it all her life, leather lungs ticha is simply
amazing huffing and puffing on this huge cigar!!!

Length: 14:46 Size:246Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-308
Mony love to smoke anything ;) so the cigar
 was great for her, side view for some real nice
cone exhales and she felt so relax!!
Length: 5:14 Size:124Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-309
Shandy and her cigar. you are at her feet while she enjoying a good cigar, you can only see and whish you could get closer,!!
Length: 5:58 Size:143Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-310
 cigar smoking milf lyne, is a VERY experience smoker, so the cigar was EZ stuff for her, she is a real BIG time smoker IRL like a little dragon!
Length: 4:22 Size:104Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-311
Marie-Eve the cigar puffer is back for some more!!
and has a perfect mouth for cigar!!

Length: 4:37 Size:110Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-312
Mini is in a interview smoking her cigar and you are at her VERY dirty feet!!
Length: 9:18 Size:222Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-313
Bibi enjoying a strong cigar side views, for maximum residual;) she is smoking and exhaling by her nose, just to make sure the cigar smoke stays in her nose and she can smell it for a long time;)
Length: 4:44 Size:113Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-314
 Milf Jo is an incredible woman she handles her cigar like she always smoked it all her life, she is also a VERY big smoker and a party girl!!
Length: 4:43 Size:113Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-315
Sarah is dangling her big cigar side view for a great smoke exposure!!
Length: 4:48 Size:115Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-316
Mini and her best friend jess are smoking a good cigar and you are at there feet's!!!
Length: 5:05 Size:122Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-317
Bibi smoking her cigar and is getting a good smoking interview in English:) its pretty good!
you are right where you belong just beside her really dirty feet's its in your face!

Length: 9:08 Size:219Mb Price: $8

cigar clip-318
Amy is pure smoking heaven:)
she is smoking a big cigar in the car with all the windows rolled up, she is also semy on top of you for a great cigar action!!

Length: 5:22 Size:128Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-319
Joa is back for some more cigar action been over 2 years now, she is a very big smoker IRL so the cigar was perfect for her;) dangling it side view!!
Length: 4:38 Size:111Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-320
Mom and daughter cigar smoking mom smokes small cigars at home on a regular basis;) she was a great example for her young daughter caro!
Length: 7:18 Size:175Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-321
Bianka love to smoke her cigar and she is a bad girl IRL she was right in front of Montreal court room, dangling and smoking her cigar in public in front of lawyers and people, she was with her best friend Jess too, the best part is that she add a interdiction of being with her, but she don't give a damm smoking her cigar like an attitude that she don't give a flying fuck about rule!!
Length: 5:35 Size:134Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-322
Jess was with us in front of the Montreal court room, you can clearly see that jess is just like her best friend bianka a real bad ass girl that loves to fight and defy law, smoking and dangling her cigar like she don't give a damm even in the none smoking area!
Length: 5:53 Size:141Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-323
chev is a power fast smoker IRL, and with her first cigar it was the same, she is smoking her cigar side view and yes she is huffing puffing inhaling very fast, she add a good cigar dose;)
Length: 4:57 Size:118Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-324
smoke Bomb sensation Amy is back for more cigar action, you are simply sitting at her feet's and you can only get mesmerized by her dangling and enjoying her cigar!
Length: 4:40 Size:112Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-325
Mini was smoking a good cigar in sunny Montreal she was with Sarah, enjoying a nice afternoon she is smoking her cigar in public terrace!
Length: 5:48 Size:139Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-326
Sarah was smoking a good cigar in sunny Montreal she was with mini, enjoying a nice afternoon she is smoking her cigar in public terrace!
Length: 6:19 Size:151Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-327
Bianka and her real life friend, are enjoying there cigar in the car the windows rolled up good, and there smoking and blowing it all down on you!!
Length: 5:02 Size:120Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-328
Sarah is back smoking her big cigar in the car with the windows rolled up for maximum smoke exposure ;) she is handling and dangling her cigar just the way she feels it good!
Length: 4:33 Size:109Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-329
Eli is a very sensual girl IRL, and this was her first cigar she dangled it all the way!
Length: 4:38 Size:111Mb Price: $5

cigar clip-330
It was charley very first cigar, and WoW she handled it like it was second nature this is a good cigar smoker she was born with it ;)
Length: 4:56 Size:118Mb Price: $5

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